Accelerating New Supplier Searches for Engineered Products

As the world rapidly changes around us, so too must our supply bases. Supply chain leaders from automotive to agriculture to building products are rethinking traditional procurement strategy input variables to build more resilient supply chains. Many supply chain leaders at manufacturers have personally felt the fragility of their supply chains. And they strive to quickly adjust their supply base to bend, not break, because time is a luxury they can’t afford.

Software technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) present promise to accomplish more in less time, helping with that needed flexibility, but the complex technical requirements of engineered products pose unique challenges. Luckily, newer AI supplier search software, when paired with industry experts to form technology-enabled managed services, is proving to be a powerful tool to shorten sourcing timelines.

Despite supply chain professionals now being required to identify and source alternative suppliers on short notice, and in a more volatile global environment, forward-thinking leaders are building successful sourcing game plans composed of agile tools like “smart” supplier searches to make their supply chain adjustments quickly, yet carefully.

Acquire Sourcing Tools: “Plays to Win Game”

1. Accelerate with Intelligent Supplier Search Software

2. Refine with Documented Capability Requirements

3. Tailor with Customizable Supplier Information

4. Improve with Simultaneous Collaboration

5. Focus with Tracked Supplier Interactions

6. Enhance with Supplier Identification Services

Game Plan for Sourcing Speed

We can’t predict every supplier issue or supplier we may need to re-source, but we can control the speed at which we address supply issues and future needs. Determining our sourcing strategies, outlining tactics that align and acquiring better identification and qualification tools will empower us to accelerate and improve supplier searches.

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