5 Questions to Answer to Improve Your Customer Service Performance

In our cutthroat world marketplace, it’s becoming more and more difficult to differentiate yourself from your closest competitors. Traditionally, companies often look to bring new products to market that’ll set them apart from the competition; however, this can require significant time and capital expenditures to be successful. But one such element, often overlooked, that can be extremely fruitful is improving and capitalizing on the benefits of excellent customer service performance.

Making improvements in this area can typically be achieved more quickly, and with less investment, than just bringing new products to market alone. Furthermore, practicing excellent customer service can also add many positives to your supply chain. Having satisfied customers usually leads to repeat business and increased demand for your products or services. This commonly has a calming effect on demand volatility, which can lead to lower working capital costs, due to lower inventory levels.

To have satisfied customers your company needs to be in position to provide the right product, at the right time, and in the right market, and achieving this requires intelligent supply chain strategies that provide deep operational control, yet are targeted enough that costs are minimized. To find this balance and optimize your customer service strategy, several key questions need to be thoughtfully answered, so we recommend that your team address the five specific questions discussed below to help inform your customer-centric supply chain strategy.

5 Questions to Answer to Improve Your Customer Service Performance

1. How Do We Measure Customer Service Performance?

2. Are We too Focused on Customer-Facing Strategies?

3. Can We Cost-Effectively Improve Customer Service?

4. What’s the Best Way to Improve Our Customer Service?

5. Does Supply Chain Have a Seat at Our Customer Service Table?